It’s only a compliment.

The simple act of a compliment is sometimes all we need.  I was watching on the OWN network a small segment called, “Give a Compliment – Receive a Compliment”. This interactive street installation was truly soul art.

Set up on a city street corner was a telephone booth, which was connected next to a hugely over-sized set of earphones.  As you would imagine, the person giving the compliment would go into the phone booth and their companion would stand between these bigger-than-life earphones.  Every compliment, whether friend-to-friend or parent-to-child  was spoken from the heart.  As you heard each compliment, within moments, you could see a physical change take place in each person as their soul stepped forward and spoke their truth.

The people crossed all ages; some carried a backpack, a brief case, or maybe a latte; some dressed impeccably and others casually; people were on lunch breaks, shopping dates, or perhaps just a play date. It appeared, that regardless of any life situation these human beings were living, as they gave and received their messages they would smile, blush, or even tear up. And, as each of the couples finished, without exception, they would embrace each other in some way.

Watching the love between people brought tears to my eyes. The simple act of a compliment may not be flashy, but it can be lasting. In our media driven world today it is easy to become desensitized due to our draw to the dramatic, violent, or outlandish.  So, without moving ourselves too far out of our daily routines and patterns, perhaps we can set aside 15 seconds a day for our soul. After all, it’s only a compliment.


About frontporchgab

My name is Christy and I live in San Diego. I’m 53 years old and love finding humor in life. I have been married for four years (second marriage) and we have five 20 something kids between the two of us. My husband and I are raising two adorable mutts that we treat and talk to like we do our own kids. Ah, those child rearing days have come again. Weekends I love riding our Harley with my husband, summer camping in the Sierras or at our beautiful coasts, walk dog park with our mutts, reading,, traveling-anywhere, spending time with family; I'm generally up for anything that doesn't involve jumping out of a plane. I'm new to blogging and am I'm finding myself excited about writing again. Any suggestions you can send my way I would love to hear from you!
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