Diaries and Journals…

I am not an avid journalista, but my diaries as a young girl and becoming interested in the boy next door are sweet. That, along with a narrative of what I ate that day (should have become a chef!) is a time capsule that evokes emotions of coming of age.

Later journals certainly tread in much more complicated experiences, however, I hold on to my few diaries and few journals as a way of remembering what it was like during those times.

It would be difficult to sever my roots.


About frontporchgab

My name is Christy and I live in San Diego. I’m 53 years old and love finding humor in life. I have been married for four years (second marriage) and we have five 20 something kids between the two of us. My husband and I are raising two adorable mutts that we treat and talk to like we do our own kids. Ah, those child rearing days have come again. Weekends I love riding our Harley with my husband, summer camping in the Sierras or at our beautiful coasts, walk dog park with our mutts, reading, ancestry.com, traveling-anywhere, spending time with family; I'm generally up for anything that doesn't involve jumping out of a plane. I'm new to blogging and am I'm finding myself excited about writing again. Any suggestions you can send my way I would love to hear from you!
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2 Responses to Diaries and Journals…

  1. I never journaled until my first child was born, but after college my friends and I wrote letters all the time. I kept them, and found them when we cleaned out my mother’s attic. Reading them took me back to those – simpler happy times too.

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