In of honor of national poetry month…”Middle Man”

In celebration of National Poetry Month:

I seem to have always felt restless in relationships.  So, I wrote this poem when I began to date a man I got to know while sitting together on the bleachers of our sons’ high school water polo games eight years ago.

Middle Man

Where is my middleman?

The man in the middle.

The one who makes his life about living, keeping balance and steady.

I never stay long enough to find the middle for me.

My life continues to press against one side or the other.

Always chasing a life, and rarely a life for me.

Although my heart longs to dwell where it’s peaceful and calm,

I continue down my beaten path;

forever out of step with my balance, my center, my middle.

Are you my man, my man in the middle?

Not leaning to one side or the other.

Can you make me feel safe,

and know when I need to be outside your grasp?

Are you strong enough to stand still for me?

Is it wise for you to wait for me?

And so, you are before me…my love,

with an offering of warmth and tenderness,

so much that I can’t’ seem to slow my spirit,

as she pulls me toward you.

Is this what it feels like to be in the middle?

A spectator in an unfamiliar place.

Feeling like I’ve come home, but needing to run.

I must free my spirit from this beaten path,

to live my life in balance and peace.

Take my hand in yours and whisper to me,

“You have found your man, I’m your man in the middle”.

(Nov. 2004)

Rick and I married four years later.


About frontporchgab

My name is Christy and I live in San Diego. I’m 53 years old and love finding humor in life. I have been married for four years (second marriage) and we have five 20 something kids between the two of us. My husband and I are raising two adorable mutts that we treat and talk to like we do our own kids. Ah, those child rearing days have come again. Weekends I love riding our Harley with my husband, summer camping in the Sierras or at our beautiful coasts, walk dog park with our mutts, reading,, traveling-anywhere, spending time with family; I'm generally up for anything that doesn't involve jumping out of a plane. I'm new to blogging and am I'm finding myself excited about writing again. Any suggestions you can send my way I would love to hear from you!
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